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About This Site

    In this site you will find everything you need to know about God, about the Holy Bible, and about God's program for the ages:  including God's program for you!

    You will read about MIRACLES:  "real miracles".   You will find help, deliverance, and direction.  You will know WHAT to do, and WHERE to go.

Our Mission

   To help men, women, and children who want to know God,  to learn about God, and to be used by God.  Also, to provide help for those who need miracles or direction from God.

World Services™ Profile

    Miracles from around the world - real miracles - from the Middle East to Mozambique, from Africa to Asia, from the islands of  the Pacific to the Indian Ocean  - over 35 years of  service to the nations of the world.

    Handley WORLD SERVICES was started by Apostle Prince Handley with a vision of providing FREE services to men, women, and children who want to experience God daily here on earth and live in Heaven forever.

Foreign Language Help

    Many of the resources and services on this site are available in languages other than English.  If you see the link shown here on any page [Foreign Language Translation] you will know there is foreign language assistance.  Click on that link and it will take you to the page showing the translation(s) available.

     You may email us in most major languages.  We can translate in 25 languages including Chinese, Japanese, and Swahili.

Other Great Resources

     The University of Excellence -- Prince Handley, President / Regent A compendium of information for world leaders.

     To subscribe to The Apostles Newsletter, which is available in several foreign languages, click here:
International Newsletter. [Type "International Newsletter" in "Subject" line.]

    To register for The University of Excellence (advanced training in leadership, missions, and church growth), write to P.O. Box A --- Downey, California 90241 USA and include your email address.

    To listen to Apostle Handley Radio, click here: RADIO PROGRAMS. Select from 40 different 15 minute teaching programs. Also, you may listen to 60 second radio spots used in the marketplace.

    To listen to Apostle Handley Podcasts, click here: APOSTLE TALK. You can listen on line, or you can download the shows. You can also subscribe to the podcasts and they will be delivered automatically to you so you can listen WHEN and WHERE you want on your iPod or mp3 device. Click the link above for instructions.

    Prince Handley Ministry Portal at:  A doorway for all Prince Handley websites, podcast sites & 1,000 plus teachings.

    Follow Prince Handley on Twitter (24/7 continuous releases of ALL Prince Handley teachings and podcasts).

    Tell your friends about the following podcasts with Apostle Prince Handley (they can listen NOW ... or download for later) ... subscription is FREE.

ADVANCED TEACHING podcast at:  (You can subscribe here, also.)

HEALING AND MIRACLE podcast at:   (You can subscribe here, also.)

VOICE OF ISRAEL podcast at:   (You can subscribe here, also.)

Contact Information

          619-823-0001 (USA)
          001-619-823-0001 (International)
Postal address
          P.O. Box A --- Downey, California 90241 USA
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