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    "To lose" means "to forfeit or to waste". "To lose" is the opposite of "to win". In the Olympic games, the goal is "to win". It is the same in the Big Game: the game of life.

    To lose your life means to forfeit your life, or, to waste your life. To win life is to gain life. You need to know HOW TO WIN -- every day -- forever!

    Satan, the devil (who is a very real being), came to steal from you, to kill you, and to destroy you: he wants you to lose. Jesus Christ came to earth to give you life ABUNDANTLY: Jesus wants you to win!

    Every religious leader that has died is still dead: Confucius, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna. None of them made it out of the grave or came back to life. Jesus Christ did! Jesus was raised from the dead. Jesus did not come to earth to be a religious leader. He came to give you life, so that you can win!

    The first man who lived on earth was named Adam. He disobeyed God and instead, obeyed Satan. That is how sin and death entered into the world. God is the source of life. When Adam, as the head of the human race, separated mankind from God, he brought death.

    God loves you and sent his son Jesus Christ to earth to pay for your sins. Sin causes you to lose, to forfeit, to fail. Sin separates you from God. God sent his son to heal the separation. Jesus willingly died on the cross -- beaten and nailed to it -- as the final "one-time" supreme sacrifice for the sins of the world.

    Christ died to pay for the sins of the human race. He shed his life’s blood on the cross as payment for your sins. His blood was holy. He was perfect God and perfect man. Born of a virgin, through a real miracle of the Holy Spirit, His blood did NOT contain sin from an earthly father in Adam’s seed line. Jesus came from the Father God.

    Christ’s blood is sufficient payment to buy you back from the hand of the devil. God is satisfied when he sees your faith in the shed blood of Christ which bought you. Now you don’t have to lose. Now you can win: every day, forever!

    Turn away from your sins that are causing you to lose. Turn to Christ and win.

    Ask Christ to save you NOW. Ask Him into your life. The Holy Bible says, "Whoever calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved." Pray this prayer:

    "Lord Jesus, I want to win the game of life. I know you’re alive and that your blood paid for my sins. Save me! Forgive my sins; I turn away from them. Lead me on earth and take me to Heaven when I die."

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