Apostle Handley has spent 40 years introducing people from the corners of the earth to Jesus Christ, God's Messiah for every nation and tribe.  The following audio programs contain everything you should know about God, the Holy Bible, His program for the ages, and most important, His design for you.  

INTERNATIONAL RADIO.  Prince Handley's radio messages have circled the globe. Listen to 40 selected 15 minute radio programs with music. Miracles and healings have happened as people placed their hands on the radio while listening. A Word of Knowledge from the Holy Spirit for you today is at the start of each program - for your miracle! Be loosed into the perfect will of God!  Select programs by topic. 60 SECOND GOSPEL ADS.  Seven 60-second radio spot advertisements that Prince Handley runs on secular radio stations.  Each 60-second spot is targeted to a different audience: businessmen, women, substance abusers, religious, teenagers, baby boomers, Generation 'X' and Generation 'Y'. 

Offers made on the radio shows were valid only at the time of broadcasts.


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